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My Story

Hi, I’m Tiffany.  I’m a cancer survivor.  I’m a former divorcee.  I live with addiction every day.  I have endured the deaths and illnesses of loved ones, accidents, financial loss, depression and anxiety.  Life has dealt a series of bumps and bruises in my 40 short years on the planet.  But here’s the thing…with each misstep, with each blow, with each trip-up, I GROW.  I move through my feelings of sadness and pain and shame and find a way to the light on the other side.  I never stay stuck in the darkness.

I subscribe to a counter-cultural approach to life’s challenges.  I don’t hate.   I don’t resent.   I don’t fight.   I LOVE.

I find a way to LOVE everything that life throws my way.  I love my cancer.  I love my addiction.  I love my divorce.  I love LIFE.  By concentrating my energy on finding all that is possibly good in my darkest of times I have learned to truly love myself for the first time in my life.   As a result, life has become much sweeter than it ever has been.

And I want to share my stories with YOU to help you move beyond any of your own negative experiences.  You don’t need to stay caught in a cycle of darkness and resentment.  No matter your circumstances, you too can move beyond your current situation to a deeper, more fulfilling, and incomparably peaceful and beautiful life.

You need only have an open mind, an open heart, a sense of humor and a desire to look deeply and honestly inside yourself.  Only then can you find true HEALING.

Join me won’t you?  I promise, YOU ARE WORTH IT.  


I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in May of 2013.   My treatment included 3 surgeries and 12 weekends worth of chemotherapy (I wore a chic fanny pack full of chemo each of those weekends).  I balanced traditional Western medicine with alternative healing methods such as Reiki, meditation, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, and a healthy dose of my personal brand of dance therapy.  As a result, my 8 months of treatment were some of the most positive and most moving months of my life.  I changed for the better.  I learned how much I was loved.  I learned my worth in this world.  I began to truly love and appreciate myself for the first time in my life.

My experiences inspired me to start this blog, originally titled “loving cancer,” to share all of the awesome that can happen when one is faced with the scariest disease on this planet.  Prior to my diagnosis, I struggled very hard to see the positive in life.  I beat myself up.   I hated my body.  I didn’t have enough.  I was never enough.  I didn’t measure up.

If you are lucky, something miraculous happens when you are slammed in the face with your own mortality.  Petty concerns fall away.  Insecurities seem absurd and wasteful.  Life seems richer.  Life seems more beautiful.  You appreciate all that you have.  You realize how ridiculously lucky you are.  And you are not going to allow yourself to squander a single moment more.

I share my home in Rochester, NY with my husband and fellow cancer-vet, Rick.  Rick was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in November of 2008, just 3 weeks after we were married.  We thought we had gotten over the whole “in sickness” part of our marriage years ago.  But we now understand that his diagnosis was just a warm up.  Practice, if you will, for the much tougher challenge in 2013.

Rick and I are happy to report that we have been both declared “cancer free” by the medical community.  We are now learning that life after cancer also has its challenges.  Emotional ups and downs are par for the course.  And we navigate them the best we can.  Not perfectly.  Never perfectly.  But we learn from each other every day.  And we appreciate the heck out of each other.  More than we ever have.  It’s a beautiful thing.

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