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The Liver That Cried Wolf.

FEBRUARYSo…funny story…got the MRI results:

“No convincing recurrent metastatic disease in the right hepatic lobe.”


What the WHAT???

So it appears that the “something” that lit up the CT and PET scans may not be cancer after all.

My liver apparently thinks it’s starring in its own hilarious episode of “Punk’d.”

I’m a medical mystery.

After talking to two oncologists, we feel good about taking a conservative “wait and see” approach.  We will MRI again in 6 weeks to see if the area shows any signs of change.  Our trip to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC for a 2nd opinion has been put on hold for now.

I would love to celebrate, but I don’t feel like I can, really.  Not yet, at least.  I’m relieved to a certain extent, to be sure.  But the fog of uncertainty that surrounds us is thick.  Makes it difficult to party hearty.  I still want to be vigilant.  I would like to get a few more answers.  But I must grapple with the possibility that I may never find out what the heck lit up the PET/CT.  The MRI did confirm that I have some sort of “defect” in the concerning area of my liver.  The radiologist just doesn’t think it’s cancer.

But heck, I’ll take “you’ll never know” to “you’ve got the cancer again” any day.

What a mind twist, eh?  And what a life lesson.  Cancer — even just the specter of cancer — forces you to live in the moment.  Live day by day.  Let go.  Give up control.  Trust.  I can’t say that I passed the last few weeks with flying colors, but I’m new at this!  I’m learning!  And thank you to all of you for hanging in there with me (us) and for your prayers and energy and never ending support.

For now, I’m taking this new information as a Valentine’s Day gift from the Universe.  And I’ll just leave it at that.  Drink some champagne tomorrow and toast to the hepatic comic inside my body!


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20 Responses to The Liver That Cried Wolf.

  1. And perhaps the best part… YOU GOT A BEAUTIFUL NEW TOILET SEAT OUT OF IT!!!! Sending love, hugs, and a holy sh*t whoop your way!!!!!

  2. Holy SH*T!!! Why am I not surprised that YOU, Wonder Woman, would have some unique, quirky glowing something or other?! You ARE an overachiever (OA) in all areas after all, so why not some medical mystery too? I am celebrating your Valentine victory with you. I love you, Barbara XO

  3. Holy Balls! Just read your last four or five posts! I must say, I’m glad I started on the most recent first! I have a GBS something for you. Was quite certain that there was no bigger fan than myself, but I do believe it is time to pass the torch to the new Masta’! So I need an address. Home, work, whatevs! I’m a crap dancer but I’ll play some GBS and chair dance in my truck today just for YOU!
    What kind of mad stalker has an email like that?

  4. I’m not surprised Wonder Woman! It’s your positive outlook and energy that told the cancer to “MOVE OUT!” We’ll all keep praying and sending the positive vibes your way and get through this all together! XOXO Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Fantastic news. There’s nothing worse than not knowing except really bad news. After the threat of that, as you say, not knowing sounds pretty good. So breathe, and hug Rick, and live in the moment.
    We love you, Tiff.

  6. I am reading this as I am almost ready to bunk down tonight, 4 kids in bed and a husband trying to figure out how to fix a blown fuse.. A longtime friend of mine passed away at work this morning of a massive heart attack… 41, father of 3 young beautiful children.. we are devastated. Also, we had to pay 7,500$ of a 20,000$ lien today of my husbands X’s debt just to get our home free of her claws. (not his debt) It went on the home 3 days before the lawyers put the home in his name only! Lol sneaky buggers.. SO…. and this is a big SO… You news is fan freeking fantastic!! I am literally in tears at the ray of sunshine you have been given and my heart is lifted! Thank you again Tiffany for sharing with us.. You have no idea how you help US!! xoxoxo SOOOO happy for you and your family!! 😀

  7. So amazed and incredibly happy for this update – I’ve been thinking of you so much and sending every healing vibe your way! Happy Valentine’s Day Tiffany! <3

  8. Going through the same thing right now. In December, they found new lesions in the same areas of my liver and colon where they did resections a year ago. While the tumor in my colon is conclusive (round two of cancer), the spot on my liver is inconclusive. After I complete my chemo (round 3) in a month, they’ll do another set of scans. Here’s hoping that the outcome of the liver scan is clear as well.

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