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My (Dirty Little) Secret.

I’ve got a (not so dirty) (not so little) (not so secret) secret:  I want cancer to continue to take me places.

My experience with this disease has been a powerful, beautiful, magical thing in my life.  Transformative.  Life-changing.  And I don’t want to keep this for myself.  I want this attitude toward cancer to catch.  I want it to become contagious.  I want to reach out to a wider audience and let them in on the secret to being slapped in the face with the hard cold hand of reality, falling to your knees and then standing back up and…smiling.  Laughing.  Dancing.

This cannot be talked about with hushed voices.  This can’t be swept under the rug once this is over in my life.  I can’t pretend like it never happened.  I need to share these experiences with the world.

So I am working on learning about marketing this website to a wider audience.    My goal is to someday write a book and to get out and speak to live audiences about my experiences and philosophy.  Heck, I wouldn’t mind participating in a little thing called a TED Talk.

I’ve shared some big ideas on this site.  And I’ve got more to share!

So this is where you come in.  I’ve applied for a scholarship for an online marketing class through  I may work in advertising, but I don’t have any formal training in advertising or marketing.  And I certainly do not have any training in internet marketing.  To apply for a scholarship, I created a video and posted it to youtube.  An audience choice scholarship is given to people who drum up some serious social media activity.  ((Smart cookie, this Marie Forleo, no?))

You can help by doing any or all of the following:

1.     Go to the youtube video and post a comment underneath

2.     Find my facebook post and post a comment underneath that

3.     Repost my facebook post

4.     Go to Marie Forleo’s website  and post a comment mentioning Tiffany Staropoli and

5.     Send a tweet including the following: Tiffany Staropoli and #winBSCHOOL and

6.     Share any of the above with family/friends!

Winners will be announced on Friday, 2/21/2014.  So feel free to post your little hearts out until then.  And I thank you from the bottom of my mine.

And PS…I’ve worked in film and video production for over 18 years, but I haven’t edited anything on my own in about 16 years.  I’m learning already!  YAY ME!!!

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7 Responses to My (Dirty Little) Secret.

  1. Awesome! I’ve been thinking of taking the same course (you can never learn too much). She has a fresh perspective and even us marketing folks can up our game and relearn things. I’ll definitely vote for your video. BTW I’ve sent numerous tweets about you and how inspiring you are to Kris Carr, gGabby Betnstein, Brene Brown and many others! So don’t be surprised if they come a knocking :o)

  2. Go Tiffany. You are an amazing and inspirational young woman. Can’t wait to see you win and have your story seen by many!

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