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“Tiffany Staropoli is a force to be reckoned with. She’ll bring you on a journey that will take you from the depths of despair to an unbelievable high. Her personal dance with Cancer has empowered her to be a voice for change; change in the way we look at illness, change in the way we treat others; but perhaps, more importantly, change in the way we look at ourselves. Tiffany will leave the audience feeling empowered and motivated to embrace life and learn how to dance in the rain, rather than waiting for the storm to pass.”

Arlene Scott, R.N. B.N., Regional Program Consultant

Children and Women’s Health
Eastern Health


“Tiffany joined us as the keynote speaker for the 2014 Wild West Showdown with Cancer—a fundraising event for the Lipson Cancer Center. Tiffany’s gripping story—delivered with joyful and gracious reflection—kept our mission front and center and lifted the spirits of a room full of patients, doctors, nurses, staff members and donors. When death was staring Tiffany in the face, she smiled and asked for a dance. Her story will make you want to help others do the same.”

Derek DeSol, Director Of Donor Stewardship

Rochester General Hospital Foundation


“At Butler/Till, we host a series of bi-weekly sessions called ‘MPowered’ … they’re meant to kick off our week with a dose of inspiration. In April, I invited Tiffany to speak to my colleagues and she KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! Her incredible “Language of Cancer” content is beyond moving and is only made better by her commanding public speaking abilities. She thoroughly educates, engages and entertains her audience.”

Gretchen Cummings, Media Buyer



“Tiffany Staropoli is a dynamic speaker and her story of survival through colon cancer is nothing short of amazing. As she presents Dancing Through Cancer she lightens a difficult topic with joy and laughter. At the same time she delivers a powerful message about colon cancer awareness AND the ability to live fully in spite of cancer.”

Suzanne Lindley, Founder

Beat Liver


“Tiffany Staropoli is an amazing speaker.  She shared her story of being both survivor and caregiver with a perfect blend of warmth, compassion and humor to welcome participants to the 2014 Greece Relay for Life.”

Sandy Eggleston, Greece Relay for Life committee

Relay For Life Greece NY


“Tiffany’s success story is a true inspiration to anyone that’s had a life-altering blindside in their life. Her willingness to share such a personal story during the Rochester General Health System’s Wild West Showdown with Cancer Fundraiser was truly amazing. Her words were uplifting and captivating. She is strong and focused. A natural speaker, charismatic presenter, and her take on how much she loves the “Big C” and how it’s changed her life for the better is remarkable.”

Joseph Mayernik, Co-Founder/Creative Director



“I’ve been a videographer for over 25 years and conducting interviews is a large part of what I do. My recent interviews with cancer survivors for “” have been the most memorable. Tiffany Staropoli stands out in my mind because she’s so easy to talk to, and knew how to make my job easier. Her courage and tenacity are impressive-represented by her YouTube video “Dancing Through Cancer.”

John Brune, Videographer/Producer

John Brune Digital


“Tiffany agreed to emcee our Cancer center event at Rochester General Hospital. Without hesitation she bravely shared her story. Her optimistic outlook on life helped inspire so many that day leading to an evening that will be remembered! The audience laughed, cried, stood, chanted and, most importantly, were moved to give to help our cause!  I have also seen Tiffany inspire thousands more without even realizing it!  She is a shining star with a special soul who is meant to help this world – and she is doing it in spades! Thank you, Tiffany!”

Matt Piede

Former Director Annual Events & Giving,
Rochester General Hospital Foundation,
Current Vice President, Annual Giving Programs
Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation


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